Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winding Ahead, Not Down

May all of you have a very happy, healthy, and especially prosperous New Year!

This is--or soon will be, if you follow the traditional oriental calendar--the Year of the Snake. Specifically, this will be the year of the Water Snake, when the Snake is said to be influenced by the element of water. I'm not a believer in astrology, whether Eastern or Western, but the association of the Snake with prosperity, and with a resolute cunning geared toward success, is a good match for my hopes for the coming year.

The winding progress of a snake doesn't always make it obvious what direction it's taking, or how soon it will reach its destination. The most direct route isn't always the best one, though, to reach one's goals.

I hope that both your and my relatives, friends, and loved ones find prosperity and happiness in 2013. May it be filled with good fortune and excitement every day.