Monday, July 5, 2021

Got a Second

 I got my second COVID-19 vaccination this afternoon, in a process as smoothly run as the previous time. Because it was the second in the series, the nurses were even more solicitous than before: they checked carefully for any sign of anaphylaxis, unusual inflammation, or other adverse reaction, especially wary since they knew that I was driving home. I appreciate their efforts and concern, but so far even after eight hours I have experienced no discomfort whatsoever.

It seems that any side effects are likely to appear tomorrow if at all. As I did last time, I've proactively cancelled my appointment at day care/rehab tomorrow. Again as last time, if I don't show any symptoms--particularly fever--tomorrow morning, I'll cancel the cancellation and go on about the rehab routine as usual.

Apparently I'll be able to consider myself fully vaccinated in another two weeks. I would in any case have continued to follow the masking and social distance behavior and intend to do so even after the two weeks have passed. It's not particularly burdensome, it relieves others of anxiety, and may serve to reduce the spread of infection regardless of vaccination status.

I am looking forward to hearing confirmations from all my relatives and friends that they too have been successfully vaccinated. 

We'll see what tomorrow brings, but for now, so far, so good.