Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Strength, Courage, and Honesty

In the Japanese version of the Zodiac, 2019 is the Year of the Boar. Elsewhere in Asia, it's the Year of the Pig, or Deer, or even Elephant, but I'm happy to see this coming year as that of the Boar.

Despite not being a believer in astrology whether Eastern or Western (or pretty much any other arcane beliefs that strike me as superstition), I've always found it fun to read and listen to the lore.

The Boar is said to be characterized by strength, courage, and honesty. From my limited experience and acquired knowledge of wild boars in nature, it's easy enough to see how they're considered representative of strength and courage. I presume that the honesty factor comes from the perception that--despite being very intelligent and occasionally quite crafty--a boar's charge is very direct, very straightforward, indeed.

Current world events have highlighted a lamentable lack of honesty in leaders, and for that matter a dearth of strength and courage where we would like to see more of both. It behooves us all to reaffirm our commitment to being strong, and courageous, and honest, and to demand better behavior in all those areas from those who have been given authority to govern.

Here's hoping that the Year of the Boar brings increased appreciation and engagement in all three of those virtues, across society.

May 2019 be a very happy, exciting, and prosperous year for you all.