Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A Year Into the Journey

A year ago today I broke my leg in the early evening, not realizing it at first, and ended up in an ambulance late that night. The ensuing long hospital stay is described in an earlier post. I've now been home for nearly four months, for about half of which I've been engaged--rather relentlessly--in rehabilitation at a nearby facility. I'll probably discuss that one of these days, but today as I write this in the day care center, the bottom line  is that I'm reasonably sanguine about my chances for eventually being able once more to walk, and drive, and cook, and even return to my desk at the office.

There's considerable distance left on the journey to full (or at least sufficient) recovery, but the effort so far is showing results and I'm committed to continuing until I reach my destination.

I'll admit that it's a bit odd to have the walking part come at the end of the journey, but it's my metaphor and I'll mangle it if I want to.

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